Benefits of a Dedicated IP

Benefits of a Dedicated IP

Benefits of a Dedicated IP

  • 8 years ago
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Perhaps you've wondered at one time or another why web hosting companies such as NSHOST offer the option of purchasing a dedicated IP for your website. In the following lines we will try to explain as much as possible why a fixed IP is a better choice when compared to the cheaper option of a dynamic IP that is shared with hundreds of other sites.

SEO and Importance of Fixed IPs

Some search engines penalize sites that use a dynamic IP, especially if one of the other sites that share that IP is marked as SPAM. SEO Experts believe that a fixed IP can even increase your website position in the search results on Google. Search engines "like" a fixed IP because it is not shared with other sites and thus indexing your site gets better and easier.

Direct access, security

With a unique address, you can also access files on your hosting account by logging directly to the IP address. Changing DNS is also instant; no need to wait between 24 and 48 hours for your changes to "be seen." The chance of losing potential customers due to site inactivity? Zero! For advanced security options, a fixed IP is also a "must have."

The price of a fixed IP

Indeed a fixed IP requires an additional investment on your part, as opposed to choosing an IP that is shared with other sites. However, web hosting companies including NSHOST offer special prices to suit every pocket.