Cloud hosting for web developers

Cloud hosting for web developers

Cloud hosting for web developers

  • 1 year ago
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Websites/Applications developers should focus on developing code most efficiently, while our networking experts deal with Linux & security updates on a server cloud. 

The needs of a software developer can be very different and some may be more important than others - server security, flexibility for scaling resources as the number of users accessing web platforms or the complexity of web solutions, available space, RAM capacity, processors, intuitive control on the server, transparent price, SSH access, Git control, extension installations, plugins. 

NSHOST has prepared Cloud Hosting packages specially designed for people who do not want to waste time on the server update and security area, but want to focus on developing secure web products. Cloud packages deliver over 100,000 unique visits every day at ultra-fast upload times. Each Cloud server has a dedicated IP, but more IP addresses can be added to the client's request. 

Ensuring access via SSH is extremely important, and for developers who want an extra layer of security, we set up certified VPN solutions that encrypt transferred content using the latest technologies in the field - which doesn't negatively affect user upload speeds. Through this Secured Shell Hosting access, practically quick access to the structure of the files available on a server is ensured, being able to perform live log monitoring, start / stop services, software installations, database management, etc. The main benefit is the encryption of the transferred data, so that access to the server is additionally secure, including through unique keys assigned to each developer. 

A cloud server ensures maximum performance and scalability according to needs, but the most important thing is that it fully takes over the administration effort required for a server on the Linux platform. 

In any package Cloud Hosting NSHOST also ensures the migration of the content from the old server to the new one, incremental daily backup for all the content hosted during the period requested by the client. The backup component is intuitive and it becomes extremely easy to restore any version saved in the backup - at a selection and a click away. 

Cloud servers are equipped with high-performance Turbo processors, are very powerful and offer extreme performance, so that your sites load as quickly as possible. They are very suitable for online stores or web applications that have many visitors.