ClusterControl for Galera Cluster

ClusterControl for Galera Cluster

ClusterControl for Galera Cluster

  • 3 months ago
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Galera clusters are a high-availability solution for MySQL, which provides high system uptime without data loss and scalability. ClusterControl simplifies the deployment and maintenance of your Galera settings.


Providing a unified view of database clusters, ClusterControl provides both system-wide visibility and the ability to detail certain nodes. It covers everything you would expect from a production-ready Galera setup.


The main benefits of Galera ClusterControl

Dependable Deployments. ClusterControl provides advanced deployment, management, monitoring, and scaling capabilities to deploy Galera clusters.

Backups & Failover. ClusterControl provides automatic error detection, failover, and automatic recovery of individual nodes or entire clusters. We even have the ability to schedule logical or physical backups and easily restore backups to nodes or bootstrap systems. 

Advanced monitoring. Database monitoring in a distributed environment supports more than the database level to include stack components, including the underlying operating system, storage, networking, and load balancing. Advanced monitoring by ClusterControl gives you information about the performance of the entire stack by detecting anomalies and warning you early about the problem.

Node management. ClusterControl brings the management tools we need to keep our databases running at peak performance. Node management becomes easy with automatic tasks, advanced security options, and Dev Studio, where we can create our own database advisors to further customize your settings.

A database administrator knows that a robust database system requires load balancers over a Galera Cluster. Each load balancer comes with different installation and configuration steps to run with Galera Cluster. ClusterControl supports HAProxy, ProxySQL, MaxScale, and Keepalived and handles the implementation and management of load balancers through the ClusterControl interface.

Whether you're a Galera expert or a techie, ClusterControl helps us eliminate the hassle of implementing and managing our Galera settings.

We encourage you to invest in an optimal hosting plan - choosing any of the hosting NSHOST Shared, VPS or Cloud and allocate the time required for a caching policy that suits your business.