Employer branding and the .jobs / .careers extensions

Employer branding and the .jobs / .careers extensions

Employer branding and the .jobs / .careers extensions

  • 1 year ago
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Positioning your company as an employer that attracts talent from the market begins with acquiring a domain dedicated to this purpose: [domain-name] .jobs 

Somesites existingallocate a page for thearea career. We believe that it is very important to launch a site dedicated to existing employees, which will attract new candidates through stories, videos, interesting articles about employer activity, the evolution of existing employees and posting vacancies. 

Why develop a different career site or even a different Facebook page? Simple: 

  1. The potential customer audience is very different from the potential employee audience The

  2. content of interest is different for each audience - if potential customers are attracted to interesting projects, news related to the field of interest or about products / services / offers, potential employees I follow the company from a completely different perspective: the company as an employer

  3. Recruitment campaigns on social pages target different audiences and the community developed around a social careers page is different from the community of those interested in business products and services

  4. Success stories, future plans , media content (video, images) relevant to existing and future employees helps the company attract the right talent faster, cheaper

How do I launch an online employer brand?

We recommend using the same domain name and purchasing an extension dedicated to a career site, such as: .jobs or .careers. Freshly owned by [domain] .jobs or [domain] .careers, it remains to configure the nameservers to your server. If you are interested in purchasing a super secure hosting plan, we recommend ahosting plan Cloud-Business from NSHOST. 

Why not buy a cheap hosting plan when dealing with the personal data of your future candidates? As part of a risk management strategy, we recommend a 'better safe than sorry' approach, as it is much cheaper to pay for a hosting plan with delegating the responsibility of managing your server to NSHOST experts, than the salaries of a networking team. update the software installed on your server. The alternative [in case of a data breach] is measured in percentages of turnover and negative media impact that can erase in a few hours the trust you have built in years of effort.

Also, when processing personal data specific to employees / job candidates, it is important to secure both the site by using an SSL, as well as access to the database and content hosted on the server through the additional protection provided by VPN and of course, the provision of Incremental daily backup with as long a history as possible. 

We are at your disposal if we can help you with more information related to launching a career site.