High web performance using CDN

High web performance using CDN

High web performance using CDN

  • 1 year ago
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Internet is an infinite environment with over 5 billion users worldwide. Businesses have a fantastic opportunity to reach millions of potential customers around the world. The challenge now is how to deliver excellent web performance and fast user experiences, despite latency, poor internet connections and growing security threats. 

Efficient delivery of static content is an important goal for any website that aims to promote pages that load almost instantly.

Simply put, the content delivery network (CDN) is a network of servers located in data centers around the world. CDN caches content on the connected website, such as HTML pages, images, videos, and JavaScript files, that are stored on each server. When users upload the webpage, they receive these files from a server that is geographically closest to them.

Using a CDN can have a huge impact on any site that targets users in multiple countries or high traffic, but not only that. The performance improvement is visible and immediate for any website, with CDN providing the same high-quality experience to all users, regardless of their location - which relieves many [pre] loading tasks on your server. 

The main benefits of using CDN are:

  1. Reduced loadserver your- all requests for static content is basically delegated server that delivers fast content stored in caching

  2. segmentation audience is very light, delivering different content to groups of users requesting a particular type of content or certain types of devices

  3. Low connection latencies that provide a high-performance experience for each user, able to deliver high visual accuracy content (high resolutions)

  4. High availability for many more users accessing the website in parallel

  5. Analytics Advanced

  6. Security 

We also see some disadvantages in the use of CDN: the 

  1. cost can be quite high the

  2. location of certain users in countries where the CDV service does not have servers can reduce page load performance for those users

  3.  various restrictions imposed by certain countries that can block the IPs of popular CDN services

  4. availability Its support and low control can also be a big disadvantage.

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