Hosting during pandemic

Hosting during pandemic

Hosting during pandemic

  • 2 years ago
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A business that can be managed 95% remotely and where teams can easily work from home, ensuring the same short lead times to solve problems can survive and even grow during a pandemic without apparent problems. But any business is run and managed by people. People who are part of communities. Communities that are not immune. 

The feeling of security is one of the basic needs of humanity and therefore of any member of any community. This pandemic managed to dispel the feeling of security sooner or later. The security of obtaining food, drinking water, the provision of a home in which every family feels protected - the security we thought we had began to falter. 

The first businesses affected were those that could not quickly adapt to remote work and could not operate with remote work, leaving employees in technical unemployment, holidays or other forms of inactivity. In a context in which staple foods and hygiene products were disappearing from the shelves, traders found it appropriate to increase prices for the most hunted products, given that the price of fuel has fallen significantly. The fear of the unknown that follows has affected us more or less. We see Romanians returning home, we see Romanians who would have wanted to build a future abroad and can no longer risk this now. We see closed borders or drastic conditioning to be able to travel. 

We hear every day of other layoffs or declining incomes which, in the context of price increases, are rapidly reducing the real purchasing power of each household. We are witnessing the effect of a pandemic in 2020, when intercontinental and inter-community travel within the reach of many people accelerates the transmission of any virus.

Our partners are affected and we are affected by COVID-19. We strive to remain optimistic, respecting the measures imposed by specialists and authorities because we want to contribute to reducing the spread of this virus and the long-awaited economic recovery. 

We have equipped ourselves with disinfectants, we wear masks in closed spaces, we often clean the objects we come in contact with and we stay away from each other. Because we care more about our families than we do, sometimes the only way to protect them is to stay healthy. 

NSHOST team is supporting you during this tough period and provides you with hosting services for any kind of business, whether it is at the beginning or not, for blogs, presentation sites, online stores, etc.

Change starts with each of us, and together we can get over anything, if we want. #StaySafe