Instantly activated VPS HOSTING

Instantly activated VPS HOSTING

Instantly activated VPS HOSTING

  • 2 years ago
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A physical server hosts several virtual servers (VPS), each server being isolated and independent of the others and in which you benefit from the most flexible and easily scalable hosting solution.

When do you know you need VPS hosting?

  1. Do you want to optimize your SEO, eliminating the "pollution" produced by more or less noisy neighbors and with many more optimization options than you benefit on a shared server?
  2. The faster your pages load, the higher your SEO score, bringing in more traffic and sales.
  3. Do you have an e-commerce solution and want to increase server performance to give your customers the best page load times?
  4. Do you have multiple domains in one hosting solution shared with thousands of other web platforms, where you do not have enough control?
  5. Do you want more flexibility for your applications? Or do you just want to update your applications more efficiently using SSH access?
  6. Do you want to invest in a dedicated server but want performance even when the platforms are resource consuming and you need a special configuration so that your user experience is not affected by parallel access?
  7. Do you want to secure your access to the server using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) solution?

In any of the above situations, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the right solution. Such a server behaves exactly like a standalone machine, only it is partitioned into several virtual servers, giving you maximum security and flexibility for your platforms, independently of your 'neighbors' and having 100% control over the hosted space.

We recommend a VPS also when:

  1. You don't want to share CPU, RAM, or disk space resources with a huge number of "tenants."
  2. You want more or more administrative access, including SSH access, to be able to perform a more complex set of operations on the server.
  3. You need an extremely scalable solution, offering maximum expansion as needed at a simple remote upgrade, choosing exactly what RAM, CPU or space capacity suits you at a given time.
  4. When you do not have experts to deal with hardware installations or complex and time-consuming data transfers.
  5. You're tired of the platform crashing just because a "co-tenant" uses all the resources of the shared server and you want 99% UP time.
  6. Security has become more important than ever before, especially after you began to hear more and more about fines imposed for the loss of personal data and increasingly frequent cyber attacks.
  7. You don't want to spend a huge budget on a dedicated server.

With the VPS solution you only decide what resources you need and with a simple upgrade, you benefit from the new configuration. You will be able to manage the server and hosted platforms super easily, from the control panel from where you can stop / restart the virtual machine, you can request VPN, PROXY, DNS solutions and everything is dynamic and activated instantly after debit / credit or PayPal payment.

Not a security and networking expert? No problem. NSHOST provides you with the necessary expertise and all you have to do is choose a Cloud Hosting plan and then open a ticket with everything you need.

You will be able to make or request program installations, extensions. You will be able to run batch files, you will benefit from daily backups, but you will also be able to do them separately when you want, in which section you will consider necessary.

This is your private server. You can have full access or you can delegate the management part to NSHOST experts. It is your choice in which activities you want to invest time.


If you are almost convinced, but you hesitate because the last moves from one server to another seemed tiring to you, we inform you that we have the "turnkey" service in which our experts offer you the service of moving in any VPS Cloud hosting package with management included.

You will find that from the moment you request the service and provide the necessary access to move, the NSHOST team provides full backup, secure move for both files and databases, emails, domain configurations with minimum downtime and at times the impact is insignificant.

So, if you want to enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server but at a much lower cost and pay only for what you need as your business grows, you will need a VPS server.

It remains to be decided which service provider to turn to.

You can always request details about the technologies used for security, the types of processors, storage equipment, etc. You can track the feedback received for the support of the hosting teams and especially the response times.

We are present 24/7/365 and our customers' priority becomes ours.