Launching a vlog / blog in 3 steps

Launching a vlog / blog in 3 steps

Launching a vlog / blog in 3 steps

  • 1 year ago
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Any brand (personal or not) defines itself through the topics it addressed, the preferred tone and language, the position chosen în terms of the audience or the degree of interaction with its followers , selected collaborators and many other aspects that complete their experience. 

Why should everyone already have a blog / vlog? 

Whether you are an individual or a business, branding is important because it ensures notoriety and credibility among the desired audience, notoriety that will lead you to consider when you want a promotion or just more customers. We each have stories to share, more or less important experiences and, perhaps the most difficult at first is to find your voice, the categories of topics where you will make the least effort to create. 

As your brand grows, people begin to connect with you emotionally, not just intellectually. The emotional connection is much more valuable because it ensures your loyalty and community growth around the ideas you approach. 

Differentiating yourself from millions of other brands is important regardless of your medium or long term goal. As your brand grows in popularity, you will notice that it is much easier for you to convince people to see things like you or to think about things they would not have done without you. Basically, you become an influencer opinion. 

As soon as you have gained the status of an influencer, your brand can start to think seriously about generating additional income, supporting other brands that you can support, brands with which you are on the same wavelength. Why support brands with the same values and behaviors? Because you will make the least effort to understand them and the least effort to respect the limits of tone of voice or behavior online and offline.

Technically, launching a blog is easier than you think, even if you are not a technical person and you may not even want to become one. We suggest 3 steps:

Domain name

Before you know what to look for in our domain search and registration engine,  you will make a list of at least 100 words that represent you and you will either find one or more words or you will create a combination of syllables or acronyms and any other combinations you decide will be able to represent you brilliantly even after 3-5 years from now.

When you have decided what your new domain will be, choose the right extension for your future audience (.ro, .com, .eu, .info, .net, .org, .mobi, etc.) and buy the list of desired extensions at a cost starting from at 39 lei + VAT per year, per extension. You will enjoy the instant activation of the domain, Whois protection (against identity theft or spam), domain-specific email addresses for example  and you will especially enjoy the free support from the NSHOST team , partner ICI - National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics, ROTLD. 

Hosting plan

As soon as you become the owner of your new domain, you need a minimum hosting plan to ensure your domain visibility with an uptime of 99.99%. Thus, a minimum hosting recommendation would be the plan Shared-Personal with a monthly cost of only 9 lei + VAT. Easy management of any theme chosen from the multitude of free or premium WordPress themes, the 5GB space provided, the SSL certificate included and as many email addresses as you want to create are just some of the benefits of the package. 

After purchasing the hosting plan, you will be able to install your WordPress platform on your new domain with a single click and a few simple settings! At the end of these settings you will see the username and password that you will need to save in a safe place. With these credentials you will be able to log in to the management panel of your new web platform:  

From this moment, you can say that your new domain is live as soon as the address /web page opens with the well-known interface WordPress. 

Choose the right theme

From the moment you see the first page of the newly installed Wordpress on your domain, an interesting creative part comes into play. We recommend that you study other blogs that you like, to analyze the demos of the existing themes in table 2 ( themes) from thepage You will be able to filter the right themes for a blog, with different features that you find when you click on the 'Filter Themes' button. Installing and activating the theme is very simple. 

The customization part of the theme may take longer because you will need a logo, images representative of the topics you will address, as well as a series of articles to start with. 

We wish you inspiration for creating original, relevant content that will generate more and more traffic to your blog. You will discover many useful plugins to help you improve the performance of your blog. #juststartblogging