Shared hosting benefits

Shared hosting benefits

Shared hosting benefits

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A business without a website cannot have a long-term future since consumers are looking for information online about their business partners or the products and services they want. 


Owning a business without having a website created to promote it will force potential customers to go to your competitors who already have a well-indexed SEO site or have active campaigns in Google AdWords and can be found on the first page of the most used searches for those services or products. Having a website will not only help people find the information they are looking for, but it will also give your business more credibility. Moreover, if you want to have a business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, then you have to start a website if you don't already have one. 


It's easy to get overwhelmed when trying to create a website from scratch because there seem to be so many variables to consider when setting it up. One of the most important decisions when making the decision to build or upgrade a website is web hosting.


Choosing a "web host" that fits within the proposed budget and will meet the criteria set for the desired success are crucial. Therefore, you should first understand the differences between the different types and existing hosting plans and then make the right hosting decision accordingly.


Once you've done a little research, you'll be ready to choose the best hosting plan for you and your site.


What does shared hosting mean?


Shared web hosting refers to a web hosting service in which a single physical server hosts multiple websites. Because many users use the resources of a single server at the same time, their costs are efficient and very low.


When a website is uploaded to a shared hosting server, that server will be responsible for disseminating information to all websites hosted on it. Shared servers can host hundreds or even thousands of sites.


Each shared web hosting server has access to features such as databases, disk space, cPanel-licensed server management, FTP accounts, unlimited and free email accounts, daily incremental backup to ensure business continuity and fast recovery of both the files uploaded to the server and the databases if needed and much more, depending on the plan chosen. System resources are allocated automatically, but they can be scaled on demand, and each client receives a percentage of the shared server's RAM and CPU resources.


What are the benefits of shared hosting?


The smallest possible budget. Shared web hosting offers a less expensive hosting solution. The hosting company allows itself to offer a low price due to the fact that all maintenance costs are distributed among several customers. The basic plans start from a value of 9 lei/month and can reach 59 lei/month for premium packages with more space, SSH access, dedicated IP address, NGINX high performance caching, Git project repository, and other benefits.


Easy to manage. The website can be managed through a very easy-to-use control panel. The streamlined user interface offered by most hosting providers makes the management process easy for users. All administrative tasks and monitoring tasks associated with shared hosting are easy to manage.


Easy to scale. Your website can start with a shared hosting plan to save budgets at the beginning of the road. One of the benefits of shared web hosting is that it allows for rapid and automated expansion as the needs of your business grow. A clear example is when the site starts to see a significant increase in the number of visits and users accessing the pages at the same time.


Multiple domains on the same server. Shared hosting is a perfect choice if you need to manage multiple websites in a single account/directory. All you have to do is point the nameservers of each domain to the addresses of your server.


Suitable for dynamic websites. Its good that some of the most popular content management systems (CMS), such as WordPress, are streamlined on any of the NSHOST. These platforms can use various programming languages, such as Perl, Python, or PHP, all of which can run efficiently on a shared and secure server by the NSHOST team of network & security experts.


Managed by professionals. Shared web hosting takes care of the maintenance of your server, making the hosting provider's team responsible for maintaining the server, updating libraries, ensuring the security and documentation of user access attempts, and especially protecting the hosted content against possible cyber attacks. 

With Cloud Hosting, you also benefit from turnkey migration of sites hosted on other servers to your new server, in addition to professional technical support for hardware upgrades, maintenance, software updates, DDoS protection, and so on.


We encourage you to invest in an optimal hosting plan - choosing any of the NSHOST hosting packages Shared, VPS or Cloud and allocate the time needed for a caching policy that suits your business.