The maintenance service role

The maintenance service role

The maintenance service role

  • 1 year ago
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With a lot of options presented in a more or less technical language, web hosting can be quite tough to manage. Not all businesses have network specialists teams and their level of expertise is also an important aspect. 

By choosing a 'cloud hosting' hosting plan, you practically choose to delegate all the responsibility of configuring your new server according to the specific needs of your business, get rid of the effort required to migrate platforms from the old server to the new one and enjoy daily backup, monitoring and constant optimization, software upgrade and installation of on-demand resources. 

Cloud hosting is a VPS hosting package that comes bundled with server administration provided by the NSHOST team - networking experts with over 10 years of practice and thousands of customers. 

When you have decided that you need administration, it is important to be interested in the team that will ensure the operation of the server without interruptions and resolve the requirements as soon as possible. 

Either you need an incremental backup with a history longer than the default period of 5 days, or you want to back up your logs and files to another server - eliminating the risk of a possible web platform attack. To be able to affect the saved logs or you need a VPN solution that allows exclusive access to the server and databases, the NSHOST team is differentiated by the very short time to solve customer requirements 24/7/365. 

Thus, we can easily summarize the most important benefits of a cloud hosting plan:

  • migration to the new server is provided by the NSHOST team of experts, which saves time and unnecessary hassle

  • of server administration that includes permanent monitoring, optimization and incremental backup services with a very easy and fast tool to use when needed, to restore the contents of folders or a database the

  • ease with which you can always upgrade resources with immediate availability after payment

  • 99.99% uptime specific to a quality VPS server is a real help and ensures the ultra-fast operation of installed web platforms

  • record time from the moment you decide to purchase a cloud hosting server and the moment you benefit from the new configuration

  • superior security provided to your server, without the risks of technical problems of a physical server, cyber attacks, system overload or other errors

  • wrinkle performance suitable for web platforms, which ensures excellent GTmetrix score  for the same platform tested on 2 or more servers in parallel

  • control panel extremely easy to use even by people without or little technical knowledge

  • SSH access, dedicated IP and unlimited domains secured with SSL certificates

  • private nameservers that ensure 100% customization of the company behind the web platforms hosted

  • Intel e5 processors with 6.12 or 24 vCPUs, fast configuration of RAM resources that ensures optimal operation even for complex platforms

Site performance tests on GTmetrix are very important, because a good score promises a lower bounce rate and a much faster experience for users who access web platforms especially from mobile. We have become accustomed to a super fast broadband internet speed, but the download speed from a smartphone in some areas can still be quite low - between 1mbps and maximum 4mbps. The more critical these technical limitations are, the more the chosen server must compensate for the chosen resources and caching possibilities. 

For any questions regarding plans cloud hosting available, configurations or additional resources, the NSHOST team responds as soon as possible!