Trends in hosting services

Trends in hosting services

Trends in hosting services

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Over the years, web hosting has become a mature IT industry, where hosting plans have diversified in step with increasingly advanced functionality and increased speed needs as mobile web consumption increases. Web hosting remains a competitive business and a must-have service for anyone launching a website, blog, online store, or application connected to an API with a web platform. We can't help but wonder what the future holds for web hosting and what the trends are in web hosting.


It's a challenge to keep up with the trends in the web hosting market and top cloud services. This is because we play a kind of chess with the pieces in constant motion. It is enough to think about innovations in technology, IoT, changes in web & mobile usage behaviors, or even unique events in the real world (triggering the COVID-19 pandemic).


The global growth of traditional web hosting resources and applications clearly demonstrates that IaaS and SaaS services are just beginning to grow and therefore it becomes important to understand the difference between PaaS vs IaaS vs SaaS. This change and customer segmentation allow service providers to meet all emerging requirements, making everything valuable for business.


Top Trends for 2022

Security. Security. Security. The year 2021 was a record 17 years in worldwide cost to companies for the data breaches, from an estimated $ 3.86 million to $ 4.24 million last year. Hosting providers now place more emphasis on security protocols. Several cases of data breaches and cyber security crises in recent years are forcing hosting providers to tighten security.

Thus, providing protection to users' privacy is now more crucial than ever before among web hosting providers. A powerful web hosting solution needs to be able to provide additional tools to protect customers' personal information. Hosting security protocols such as compliance checks for CMS vulnerabilities, standard SSL, securing server access through VPN solutions, and storing encrypted data, easy-to-use backup systems have grown in popularity.

Domain privacy is also one of the best features of a web host. It is an additional service offered by many web hosting providers. When a customer registers a domain name, their personal data is in WHOIS, a publicly available database. Protecting the privacy of the domain ensures that all personal data of customers are protected and hidden from the rest of the world.

Green Hosting. in addition to the web solution developers who manage the servers, the hardware also gets work when consumers/users access the web solutions from smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops, etc. batch, generating heat. Therefore, it is important that the hardware in the data centers is necessarily stored in a cool, controlled environment. But this environment requires incredible maintenance of energy consumption and results in the release of a significant amount of CO2.

Thus, web hosting services have begun to invest in carbon offsetting schemes. They have started to take an active part in the environment, as this reduces the negative impact on the environment. This is done by obtaining Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) or Carbon Offset Certificates (VERs).

RECs certify that a hosting service provider helps generate renewable energy. The money raised from this acquisition finances the operational costs of green energy initiatives. On the other hand, the other VER certification states that the hosting company helps to reduce the number of greenhouse gases.

Cloud and multi-cloud Hosting is undoubtedly a significant game-changer. Cloud hosting does not have a physical server, storing data on multiple computers. It then provides access via a network connection such as the Internet. It has the endless processing power and storage space. 

There are no typical server configurations. Cloud hosting is more convenient because it removes the constraints of physical servers. Cloud hosting knows how to provide a more efficient platform for data stored on the web because the necessary resources of the site are obtained from several different virtual servers. This gives us a comprehensive, scalable, and reliable hosting solution. Companies have come to understand the value of cloud hosting and the rate of adoption has accelerated.

Investing in cloud hosting gives companies the opportunity to provide a central repository for all their data, communication, and processing. With this central hub, company employees can work from any remote location, using any device connected to the internet, according to their preferences. in safety.

Managed web hosting services NSHOST managed web hosting for example (in a Cloud) is fast becoming more and more popular in the hosting services arena. For growing websites or online businesses, managed hosting trends have become a great solution, especially if you don't have much technical knowledge in terms of performance optimization and security. Our experts ensure the updating of libraries and the security of the server, the implementation of monitoring reports, and the defense strategy.

We encourage you to invest in an optimal hosting plan - choosing any of the NSHOST web shared, VPS or Cloud and allocate the time required for a caching policy that suits your business.