Why do I need a backup?

Why do I need a backup?

Why do I need a backup?

  • 2 years ago
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Our goal is to ensure that our customers' files remain safe, and so we have developed a backup management solution that can be used very easily even by less technical users. 

Whether we are talking about natural disasters or hacking incidents, recent crises have sounded the alarm that it is critical to have a continuity strategy - to ensure the proper functioning of web platforms, thus allowing business continuity. The possibility of complete recovery from a potential disaster and ensuring a speedy restoration is of great importance to estimate in conditions of calm and optimal operation. 

The simplest and cheapest plan to ensure business continuity is to choose a backup plan and the possibility of an automatic restoration of previously saved content.

What is this backup about?

Backup is a crucial part of any hosting solution that prevents data loss in the event of a hard drive failure, user error, disaster, or accident. The backup can be done daily or at a predefined time interval and consists of incremental copying of all existing files in a hosting account and modified since the last backup. An important variable that impacts the cost of the hosting plan is the number of backup days that directly affect the space available on the server or even the provision of a different server where to keep backups. In the case of a data breach, studying the changes made to certain files over time is very important and so the number of backup days kept on the server becomes critical.  

Of course, daily web hosting, VPS or cloud hosting offers include daily backup services, which allow customers to restore web platforms without data loss if the backup period is long enough to find a backup at some point. in which everything worked as expected. It is a flexible approach that allows companies to frequently design and test separate recovery and recovery schemes for different databases, applications and services.

Unlimited data transfer

We have no limit to the traffic generated during a backup. Using the fastest incremental backup systems, you can rest easy, your data being saved daily.


We have our own tool for generating and managing backup files. SyncOnix is a dedicated incremental backup module designed for your needs where you can control the entire backup network from a single Cloud panel. SyncOnix has been designed as a Cloud cluster for all production servers and storage servers, without the need to use multiple panels! 

The installation backup panel gives you 2048-bit SSL encryption with multiple restriction options, such as private zone and exclusive access via a predefined IP address. Because security is the most important thing for a backup network, all backups are done via SSH with the fastest encryption standard Cipher aes128-ctr. In this way, all data transferred through global networks is secured without the risk of "middle human attacks (MITM)".

Backups are secured on your own network. With SyncOnix, the production server cannot access the storage server or backup panel. In this way, the backups and the backup network are completely secure. Contact us anytime if you want to know more about our backup solution.