WordPress Mythbusted - Part 2

WordPress Mythbusted - Part 2

WordPress Mythbusted - Part 2

  • 8 years ago
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While in the previous article we discussed about why WordPress is the most beloved and complete Content Management Solution currently available for regular users and developers alike, it is time to debunk some of the myths that have also been tied to using this platform for something else than just as a great blogging solution. Here are three myths that are not only untrue but also completely opposite to what the platform is really capable of.

The SMB-only, MYTH

While it is true that 5 years ago, Wordpress couldn't handle large amounts of data, nowadays Wordpress handles everything you throw at it. It is used by Samsung, Forbes, The New York Times, E-Bay, IBM, Mashable and even Snoop Dogg. Companies or persons with literally hundreds of thousands of visitors, articles, items, posts and so on.

It can't be done, Myth

You probably saw a website and thought that it can't be done in any other fashion: false! A great web developer can take literally any website and duplicate it into WordPress, thus increasing its functionality due to its modular nature. Anything from native iOS and Android apps to a home blog or a multinational, multicultural store.

Wordpress is slow, Myth

Again, WordPress is only as slow as you want it to be. A well developed caching system will increase website speed well above any hand crafted website safe for a one page, "hello world" type website.

Closing statement

There is literally no platform that is as malleable, cost-efficient and future proof as WordPress. Choosing anything else would be a waste of time, money and potential.