The easiest server backup there is

The easiest server backup there is

The easiest server backup there is

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The website, emails associated with a web domain, and all the information stored in the database and in the folders on the server are the lifeline of each organization, and the data backup strategy and plans are indispensable for every user. If data is lost or corrupted, the waste of time and money can be huge. Even greater negative impact when server issues directly / indirectly impact business customers. Customer trust is hard to gain (in months and years of collaboration), but it can be lost in an instant.


The data backup strategy on the server falls into the category of risk management and helps to keep the company's data safe and especially to restore data when needed and to protect important information against failures, cyber attacks, data corruption, disasters network problems, or software failures.


A data backup strategy helps minimize downtime and improve data protection and the availability of your critical system. Therefore, the Disaster Recovery Plan and the Business Continuity Strategy are a must for any organization.



Why Synconix?


Synconix covers the most popular server operating system distributions and allows users (ultra-intuitive and fast) to browse your daily backup history and restore data easily. Synconix provides backup for both existing files on the server and databases.


RedhatCentOSCloudLinuxOracle LinuxUbuntuDebianFedoraSuse LinuxFreeBSD


users CPanel can view saved "daily bookings" and choose to restore any available bookings directly from their account through "Self Restore". The Synconix cPanel plugin will automatically identify the domain name of the user account and the available databases and account files.

plugin Plesk uses the same features as cPanel and can be installed from the Synconix central management panel with a single click. You will certainly avoid user tickets for restoring their data, while they can do so whenever they want.

With centralized and secure backup management - Synconix - you can configure permissions for multiple accounts to access certain servers that you can manage. Manage servers in one place. Easy to use: With just a few clicks, your backup network is set up and your scheduled backups are ready to go. The management panel provides 2048-bit SSL encryption with multiple restriction options, such as private area and IP-only access or two-factor authentication.

Security is the most important thing in a backup network, and Synconix was built on that idea. Backups are controlled by the central management panel, and the servers do not have access to the management panel. This way, your backups and backup network are completely secure and isolated.

We encourage you to invest in an optimal hosting plan - choosing any of the NSHOST Shared starting at 9 RON / month,  VPS or Cloud and allocate the time required for a caching policy that suits your business.