Domain Extensions for Tech Solutions

Domain Extensions for Tech Solutions

Domain Extensions for Tech Solutions

  • 2 months ago
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By choosing the right extension for the mission of your site, you basically make sure to check the following aspects with a single movement:

  • easy to remember - choosing .tech, .app or .io will quickly position the site in the correct category to which your product or service belongs

  • branding boost and fewer errors - in addition to the fact that the domain name is memorable, short names and using the same main domain will help increase the notoriety of your brand. Another advantage is that a shorter domain name reduces the risk of being misspelled by users who remember your brand.

  • the destination of the use is very clear - no one can enter a site with the extension .app, .tech or .io without expecting a tech solution that solves a certain problem.

Where do you buy .tech, .app, .net or .io extensions?

There are several registrars for 'last name' .tech, .app, .net or .io, including and other sites. The purchase price can start from $ 6- $ 17 in the first year and can increase from the second year over $ 100, depending on the chosen domain name.  

If you decide to choose a .ro, .net, .com, .eu, .mobi, .tv, .org or .info domain extension, you could greatly shorten the launch flow of your site by choosingthe nshost site. ro for domain registration service and you could save important budgets!

We make a simple cost comparison for a domain like, which costs 59 ron / year if you buy it from NSHOST compared to the 14.14 € for the first year - 69 ron (18.14 € from the second year = 90 ron / year) if you buy it from GoDaddy (according to the price displayed on the date this article was designed). It greatly simplifies the process of domain renewal and hosting if you purchase it from your hosting service provider, choosing a hosting plan according to your business: shared hostingVPS hosting or even cloud hosting

How do I launch a fast and cheap platform?

If you have already purchased a domain name, the steps are very simple:

  1. Buy an efficient hosting plansecure and as close as possible to where you will have the first users. You can start a comparison betweenoffers NSHOST web hosting and choose the option you prefer. As the number of participants increases, you will need a more powerful hosting package - a VPS server or even a Cloud server, in which you delegate to our experts all the maintenance part of your server.

  2. Change domain nameservers, pointing to the new server. 

  3. Quickly install an education theme from a generous list that you can find directly in your WordPress library or purchased from

For any questions, we are at your disposal!