Top business ideas for 2021

Top business ideas for 2021

Top business ideas for 2021

  • 3 years ago
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Professional and personal insecurity in 2020 seems to continue in part in the first half of this year, with repercussions at least until the end of the year. Thus, even if things went well and especially if you professionally encountered some difficult obstacles, we recommend that you be one step ahead of the changes that follow, inevitably. 

The pandemic has caused some major changes in customer behavior in all industries, so we thought we'd make a list of opportunities we all have on hand to invest our savings or simply open up some profitable avenues with minimum investment. 

 You have to think of something that youlike reallyto do, something that charges you with energy or gives you immense satisfaction at the end of the day. If it's something you really like, it's probably something you're very good at! And, if there's something else that's in high demand, it's worth starting a business around it. 

We thought of mentioning some business ideas that are in high demand by consumers, are easy to launch and can be very profitable if they are digitized and automated:

  1. Sharing services … of kitchens, offices, cars, parking lots and any other resources are normally used only a few hours a day by their owner.  

  2. Call center for telephone sales services, for various products / services

  3. Translation services, for which the demand for good translators is growing on platforms such as or 

  4. Online store for products imported from other countries and which are not already present in Romania (or if they are present, have very high prices) - from gadgets, bicycle accessories, sporting goods and much more

  5.  Affiliate Marketing - product or service promotion services in exchange for a commission applied to the value sold or in exchange for a fee for each lead (potential customer) generated

  6. Consulting services data analysis - more and more companies are looking for and want to understand a lot of information to adjust their global / national business strategies. A data analyst is someone who has the technical expertise to do this following specialized studies and / or experience in economics, mathematics or finance, analytical positions in corporations. 

  7. SEO expert - Search engine optimization is an absolute must for anyone who wants to be relevant online. A skilled SEO expert can turn an invisible online business into a super business in just a few months. Not surprisingly, the best SEO professionals can earn as much as experienced software developers.

  8. Security services - cyber attacks have exploded in the last year and thus, every business present online or with remote employees is forced to invest in security as a prevention. A cheap server can save budgets in the short term, but security risks are worth addressing starting with a better server such as VHNSHOST hosting plans server or even Cloud server, where you delegate to our experts all the maintenance of your server, ensuring maximum security by completing the hosting service with SSL certificate, access to the server exclusively via VPN, daily backup, etc. 

  9. Content creation services (copywriting) - companies of all sizes develop (or need to start developing) a marketing strategy content as the main way to attract customers and establish a market leader position. A content writer should be able to quickly digest complex topics and turn them into interesting posts that are well optimized for search engines. As such, it is great for people who know little about everything.

  10. Product Photography Services - Purchasing a tent for product photography along with improving photo editing and graphics skills are extremely useful as the number of websites and mobile applications that differ in the quality of published content increases.

  11. Video / photo editing services - for creating unique content that can be published both on the channel created for a brand on the YouTube platform, Vimeo, TikTok etc.  

  12.  Podcasting, blogging, vlogging - are many examples of influencers who have made a lot of money after choosing a field of interest to talk about, including product / service recommendations relevant to their audience and posting content on a YouTube channel, thus having new sources of income

  13. Production of handmade products - you can think of an impressive variety of leather wallets, river wood lamps, unique hand-printed T-shirts, jewelry, organic / vegan / organic food and countless other products. You can buy a domain on the website if you choose the domain registration service, you can then quickly launch an online store WordPress WooCommerce Restoration

  14. services - from old solid wood objects, furniture to rustic houses that can be transformed and prepared for the needs of 2021

  15. Online teaching services or creating courses for LMS platforms - new technologies create new opportunities in all industries, and the modern corporate world is quickly realizing that mobile / online learning helps employees be better prepared for better results. One of the major factors affecting the success of LMS is the obvious one - content. If you make a name for yourself by delivering quality LMS content, it could become a source of revenue to consider.

  16. Gluten-free bakery services with vegan / vegetarian food delivery - could quickly put you in the top of the demands of demanding consumers

  17. Web / mobile software development, VR / AR - now is the time for a great idea that solves a major problem via phone or PC. There are a lot of software developers who want to collaborate in creating applications, and this year will continue the programs for granting investment grants or business digitization.

  18. Car battery charging stations - necessary with the rapid growth of the electricity fleet in Romania and with subsidies granted by the state for electric models. 

  19. 3D printing services - we are witnessing a revolution in the multitude of uses for 3D printers, and if you invest in a high-quality 3D printer, you can serve your growing needs.

  20. Electric bicycle repair services - which have begun to become accessible to the average consumer. But most traditional bicycle shops do not have the necessary expertise to repair or replace electronic components.

  21. Pet Training, Maintenance and / or Walking

  22. Services Taxi, Uber or Blackcab Services

    We hope our list of ideas for 2021 helps you and if we can help you with tips on the server you choose to host your new site, purchase your favorite domain , we are with you.